As a student your week will look like the diagram above for Semester One and Two respectively. The top image represents Semester One where you get an introduction to the course and you build up your knowledge of the theory that underpins Practice Based Research and Communication Design for Social Change. In Semester Two you focus on your own personal research project and also the group based research project that happens in the interdisciplinary research labs.

You will be expected to work outside of these timetables classes on your projects and small assessment tasks that are required of the individual theory subjects. One of the big differences between honours and your previous study is that you are required to locate (or position) your work into a research theme. For 2012 the themes are Advocacy, Slow and Un-Fiction (detailed information about the themes are available here), the reason for positioning your work in these themes is so that you can focus your research within a broader context and create projects that have a specific focus. By doing this you will leave with a portfolio that showcases Communication Design in a global context.

As a student your home will be the Works studio space located in Building 9, Level 1, Room 3. This is a dedicated space that you can use to develop and design your research projects. 

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